I take your investment seriously.

When you invest in hiring a professional photographer, you should look for a photographer who has invested in themselves and in their business. So many people in these prevailing days of digital photography are purchasing cameras with kit lenses and calling themselves a photographer. It’s not that easy and it’s not that quick. As a photographer, I believe that when people trust me with some of the most precious moments in their lives, it is my responsibility to make sure I am worthy of that trust. That is why I have not only invested in the top of the line photography cameras, lenses, and lighting gear, I have also invested in training, education, including photography classes from Harvard University, and years of experience.  

Sandra Clukey Photography, LLC is a licensed and insured professional photography company. All weddings and engagements are photographed with professional level camera equipment. This includes professional level cameras and professional series lenses. We bring three cameras and multiple lenses to every wedding as well as multiple lighting equipment, tripods and extra gear. Back-ups are vital to all weddings as even the best electronic equipment can fail at any time without warning. But with us- No worries! With three cameras we’ve got you covered! In addition, our cameras include back up cards. Your photos are copied to two cards. If one fails – no worries, they are immediately backed up! All photos are taken in RAW image format and are individually post–processed. I am fully dedicated to delivering to you the best images possible, therefore I do not batch process all your images as this never results in the best quality images. I take the time to look at and edit each individual photo as needed, this is why it can take up to 90 days, depending on my work load, to receive your entire high quality digital wedding gallery. But again, no worries! I know brides love to share their photos as soon as possible so you will receive a sneak peek gallery of approximately 50 photos for you to view and share within just a few days of your wedding!

As a seasoned photographer, I have developed my own style of photography. I invite you to take some time to look through my photos. Each photographer has their own special and unique photography and editing style; therefore the first and main thing to consider when choosing a photographer is that their style is just what you are looking for.

My personal photography style is a mixture between “Lifestyle” and “Classic”. Lifestyle photography incorporates a lot of candid photographs, therefore I look for those special candid moments and grab the shot. My goal is to capture people in a way that captures their personalities, tells a story, and helps keep the memories of your special day fresh and alive.

As a classic photographer I make sure to take those timeless classic photos we all know and love. The bride and the groom standing together at the altar, the bride by the window, the family photos, the groom fixing his tie. All these pictures are important to the day and I give my all to make sure I capture each and every one.