The Polar Express

All Aboard!

It's my very unique and very popular Polar Express photo shoot! Especially created for people like me who love the movie and also appreciate true art! And best of all, by popular demand I will now book your individual shoot any time of the year! Contact me for more information and to reserve your date!

Some frequently asked questions about the Polar Express shoot:

Q: Do you use a digital backdrop for the shoot?
A: No, the shoot is at an actual train which is set up permanently on a track that is no longer in use.
Q: Does the shoot need to be done at nighttime? 
A: No, the shoot is actually done in the daytime.
Q: Does it need to be snowing?
A: No, it does not.
Q: Is that lantern actually lit with oil?
A: No, it is not lit, as that would not be safe for the children.
Q: What kind of attire should be worn?
A: To keep the photograph in the true spirit of the Polar Express, I recommend your child wear  slippers, pajamas and a bathrobe. Boys can also wear a hobo hat, like the man on the train in the movie. Please keep the pajamas simple (solid colors, plaids, stripes) not with movie or cartoon characters, and no wording on them, as this will take the attention of the photo away from your child's face and onto the pajamas. In addition, you want the pajamas to not be a trend that will soon disappear. These photos will be passed down to the generations to come, so it's best to keep the pajama's simple and timeless.  
Q: I have 4 children. So is the price going to be $300.00 for two images?
A: No. For $300.00 you would receive four images. However, if you are happy with putting all four of your children together in one photo, I could still do the shoot for $150.00 for two images. The additional cost for more children is because most people prefer the separate photos and more photos means many more hours of  editing time for me, thus the extra cost.
Q: Why is your pricing different with this shoot than other shoots you do?
A: Good question! This is digital art photography. It's not at all like taking a photo and doing some light edits to it. I liken this particular style of photography to an artist with a canvas and a paint brush. The raw digital image is my canvas and Photoshop is my paintbrush. I work diligently for hours to create the richness and exquisiteness of the Polar Express-like images you see here; which is why no two images will ever be exactly alike. These photographs are for those who truly appreciate the artistry behind the photo and the work that goes into creating it. They are unique, imaginative, and artistic photographs that you will be proud to display in your home year around and for years to come.  
Q: Can I purchase prints and wall art separately or only with a package?
A: Prints and wall art can be purchased separately with or without a package. The packages are made available for special savings.

Shooting Fee - $150.00 for up to 2 siblings
$75.00 for each additional sibling.
Prints, Wall Art, Christmas Cards, Special Packages, social media sized images, and HQ Digital images are available for purchase. 

Please see below for special package pricing.

Polar Express sm-2.jpg

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